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Winter Whisper Flocked Christmas Tree

Winter Whisper Flocked Christmas Tree

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Product Name: Winter Whisper Flocked Christmas Tree

Product SKU: WWFCT-2023

Available Sizes: 180cm, 230cm


The Winter Whisper Flocked Christmas Tree is the epitome of winter's majesty brought into your home. Standing tall at two magnificent heights, 180cm and 230cm, these trees are a vision of snow-kissed beauty with realistic green branches dusted in soft white, evoking the peaceful serenity of a wintry forest.

Each tree is pre-lit with warm white lights that gently illuminate the flocking, creating a cozy ambiance. The sturdy branches are perfect for hanging your cherished ornaments, transforming your space into a festive wonderland. With easy assembly and fluffing, you'll have more time to enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Flocked Design: Brings the essence of a snowy Christmas indoors.
  • Pre-Lit for Convenience: No need to untangle lights year after year.
  • Two Size Options: Choose the perfect fit for your space.
  • Sturdy Metal Stand: Provides stability and easy setup.
  • Flame-Resistant PVC Tips: Safety is a top priority, ensuring peace of mind.


  • Heights: 180cm (5'11") and 230cm (7'6")
  • Diameter: 115cm (45") for 180cm tree, 140cm (55") for 230cm tree
  • Tip Count: Varies by size for fullness
  • Light Count: Varies by size, warm white LEDs
  • Stand: Metal, included

Care Instructions:

  • Storage: Disassemble and store in a cool, dry place in the provided storage bag.
  • Cleaning: Light dusting with a soft, dry cloth; avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Fluffing: Shape branches from the inside out for the fullest appearance.


Ideal for creating a festive focal point in any setting, the Winter Whisper Flocked Christmas Tree is perfect for homes, offices, and commercial spaces alike. Celebrate the season with a tree that embodies the enchantment of a traditional white Christmas.

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