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Gravity Cub 3D Radish Jumper

Gravity Cub 3D Radish Jumper

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Product Name: Gravity Cub 3D Radish Jumper

Product SKU: GC3DRJ-2023

Available Colors: Retro Red, Vintage Blue, Neon Yellow, Pastel Pink, Classic Grey


Introducing the Gravity Cub 3D Radish Jumper, an innovative marvel of 3D printing technology, designed to bring joy and creativity to your desk. This charming mini model, available in an array of colors like Retro Red, Vintage Blue, Neon Yellow, Pastel Pink, and Classic Grey, doubles as a playful pendant and a decompression toy, making it an ideal gift for students and children.

Each Radish Jumper is meticulously crafted to showcase a miniature jumping radish figure, symbolizing growth and vitality. The smooth, user-friendly design is perfect for keeping hands occupied and minds focused, whether during study breaks or in moments of creative brainstorming.

Key Features:

3D Printed Design: Each piece is a testament to modern design and technology. Vibrant Color Options: Choose from a variety of lively and retro hues. Multi-Functional: Serves as both a toy for relaxation and a stylish pendant. Pocket-Sized: Perfectly sized for convenience and portability. Educational Tool: Encourages curiosity about 3D printing and design in children. Specifications:

Material: Eco-friendly biodegradable PLA Dimensions: Compact size for easy handling and carrying Weight: Light enough to be used as a hanging pendant Color Fastness: Resistant to color fading Care Instructions:

Cleaning: Gently wipe with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust. Handling: Avoid excessive force to prevent damage. Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain color integrity. Usage:

The Gravity Cub 3D Radish Jumper is an adorable addition to any child's collection of toys, an educational piece that introduces them to the wonders of 3D printing, and a creative accessory that adds a pop of color and fun to their daily routine.

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